Informatics and Nursing Opportunities and Challenges 4th Edition by Jeanne Sewell, Linda Thede Test Bank

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Informatics and Nursing Opportunities and Challenges 4th Edition by Jeanne Sewell, Linda Thede Test Bank


1. Which of the following would a nursing instructor use to describe Web 2.0?
A) Isolation
B) Individualistic
C) Collaboration
D) Static

2. After teaching a group of students about collective intelligence, the teacher determines that the class needs more instruction when they identify which of the following as an example?
A) Wiki
B) Folksonomies
C) Blog
D) WetPaint

3. A nurse is reviewing a mashup that depicts a blueprint of the rooms on the unit along with an overlay of data about infections on the unit. The nurse identifies this type of mashup as which of the following?
A) Mapping
B) Video
C) News
D) Shopping

4. Which of the following would a computer user be least likely to identify as an example of grassroots media?
A) Podcasts
B) Wikispaces
C) YouTube
D) Online photo sharing

5. A student has created the following e-mail address: Which of the following is considered the user name?
A) Yahoo
B) jane.doe
C) @
D) .com

6. A nurse executive is composing an e-mail to the professional organization. In addition to the name, which of the following would the nurse include when signing an e-mail?
A) Street address
B) Home phone number
C) Senders title
D) Date

7. After teaching a group of students about writing professional e-mails, which of the following statements by one of the students indicates the need for additional teaching?
A) You should always check the spelling and grammar before sending.
B) Never send any type of confidential information in an e-mail.
C) If an unexpected file is attached, dont open it.
D) Use acronyms and emoticons freely to express the tone.

8. A nurse is preparing to send an e-mail with a file attached. Which of the following would be most important to do first?
A) Check that the recipient has the appropriate software to view it.
B) Expect to zip the file so that it will be transmitted much faster.
C) Transfer the file to a CD so that it will be ready for attachment.
D) Send the file to a file transfer Internet Web site.

9. During a group discussion about using e-mails, a member asks, Whats the best way to avoid spam? Which of the following would be the most appropriate rationale?
A) Spam is like junk mail; you just have to learn to live with it.
B) Your e-mail provider should have some type of filter to avoid spam.
C) Try using a different e-mail address every now and then.
D) Never give out your e-mail address on the Web, such as online shopping sites.

10. A nurse is contacting several colleagues using the Internet for a conference call. Which of the following is the nurse using?
A) Web conferencing
B) Instant messaging
C) Telephony
D) Webcast

11. During a presentation about networking, a nurse asks, Ive heard all about this Twitter, but how is it different from instant messaging? Which response by the presenter would be most appropriate?
A) You can send larger messages than with IM.
B) The message is shared with others.
C) It is the preferred social networking site.
D) You use your real names for tweeting.

12. A nurse practitioner wants to join a networking site with other nurse practitioners. Which of the following would the nurse practitioner most likely choose?
A) Facebook
B) LinkedIn
C) MySpace
D) Plaxo

13. When working with, a nurse would expect which of the following? Select all that apply.
A) Need to purchase an outside word processing program.
B) Ability for animating and interactivity
C) Free Webinar software
D) Registration fee requirement
E) Private workspace

14. A nurse participates in a blog with other nurses about caring for terminally ill patients. The nurse receives an alert via which of the following when new information is added?
A) Wiki
B) Mashup
C) RSS feed
D) Usenet

15. A group of new nursing students are receiving orientation about the appropriate etiquette for e-mailing instructors. The instructor tells them that the use of acronyms is not appropriate. The students demonstrate understanding when they avoid using which of the following? Select all that apply.
B) :-0

Answer Key

1. C
2. C
3. A
4. C
5. B
6. C
7. D
8. A
9. D
10. C
11. B
12. B
13. B, C, E
14. C
15. A, D

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