Maternity and Pediatric Nursing 2nd Edition by Susan Theresa Kyle Susan Carman Test Bank

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Maternity and Pediatric Nursing 2nd Edition by Susan Theresa Kyle Susan Carman Test Bank


1. After discussing various methods of contraception with a client and her partner, the nurse determines that the teaching was successful when they identify which contraceptive method as providing protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?
A) Oral contraceptives
B) Tubal ligation
C) Condoms
D) Intrauterine system

2. When discussing contraceptive options, which method would the nurse recommend as being the most reliable?
A) Coitus interruptus
B) Lactational amenorrheal method (LAM)
C) Natural family planning
D) Intrauterine system

3. A client comes to the clinic with abdominal pain. Based on her history the nurse suspects endometriosis. The nurse expects to prepare the client for which of the following to confirm this suspicion?
A) Pelvic examination
B) Transvaginal ultrasound
C) Laparoscopy
D) Hysterosalpingogram

4. A client is to receive an implantable contraceptive. The nurse describes this contraceptive as containing:
A) Synthetic progestin
B) Combined estrogen and progestin
C) Concentrated spermicide
D) Concentrated estrogen

5. The nurse discusses various contraceptive methods with a client and her partner. Which method would the nurse explain as being available only with a prescription?
A) Condom
B) Spermicide
C) Diaphragm
D) Basal body temperature

6. When developing a teaching plan for a couple considering contraception options, which of the following statements would the nurse include?
A) You should select one that is considered to be 100% effective.
B) The best one is the one that is the least expensive and most convenient.
C) A good contraceptive doesnt require a physicians prescription.
D) The best contraceptive is one that you will use correctly and consistently.

7. Which of the following measures would the nurse include in the teaching plan for a woman to reduce the risk of osteoporosis after menopause?
A) Taking vitamin supplements
B) Eating high-fiber, high-calorie foods
C) Restricting fluid to 1,000 mL daily
D) Participating in regular daily exercise

8. When teaching a group of postmenopausal women about hot flashes and night sweats, the nurse would address which of the following as the primary cause?
A) Poor dietary intake
B) Estrogen deficiency
C) Active lifestyle
D) Changes in vaginal pH

9. A client states that she is to have a test to measure bone mass to help diagnose osteoporosis. The nurse would most likely plan to prepare the client for:
A) DEXA scan
B) Ultrasound
D) Pelvic x-ray

10. The nurse is reviewing the medical records of several clients. Which client would the nurse expect to have an increased risk for developing osteoporosis?
A) A woman of African American descent
B) A woman who plays tennis twice a week
C) A thin woman with small bones
D) A woman who drinks one cup of coffee a day

11. Which of the following would the nurse emphasize when teaching postmenopausal women about ways to reduce the risk of osteoporosis?
A) Swimming daily
B) Taking vitamin A
C) Following a low-fat diet
D) Taking calcium supplements

12. Which finding would the nurse expect to find in a client with endometriosis?
A) Hot flashes
B) Dysuria
C) Fluid retention
D) Fever

13. After the nurse teaches a client about ways to reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, which client statement indicates a need for additional teaching?
A) I will make sure to take my estrogen supplements a week before my period.
B) Ive signed up for an aerobic exercise class three times a week.
C) Ill cut down on the amount of coffee and colas I drink.
D) I quit smoking about a month ago, so that should help.

14. A woman has opted to use the basal body temperature method for contraception. The nurse instructs the client that a rise in basal body temperature indicates which of the following?
A) Onset of menses
B) Ovulation
C) Pregnancy
D) Safe period for intercourse

15. A woman using the cervical mucus ovulation method of fertility awareness reports that her cervical mucus looks like egg whites. The nurse interprets this as which of the following?
A) Spinnbarkeit mucus
B) Purulent mucus
C) Postovulatory mucus
D) Normal preovulation mucus

16. The nurse is reviewing the laboratory test results of a client with dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB). Which finding would be of concern?
A) Negative pregnancy test
B) Hemoglobin level of 10.1 g/dL
C) Prothrombin time of 60 seconds
D) Serum cholesterol of 140 mg/dL

17. A nurse is preparing a class for a group of women at a family planning clinic about contraceptives. When describing the health benefits of oral contraceptives, which of the following would the nurse most likely include? (Select all that apply.)
A) Protection against pelvic inflammatory disease
B) Reduced risk for endometrial cancer
C) Decreased risk for depression
D) Reduced risk for migraine headaches
E) Improvement in acne

18. After teaching a group of students about the different methods for contraception, the instructor determines that the teaching was successful when the students identify which of the following as a mechanical barrier method? (Select all that apply.)
A) Condom
B) Cervical cap
C) Cervical sponge
D) Diaphragm
E) Vaginal ring

19. After assessing a woman who has come to the clinic, the nurse suspects that the woman is experiencing dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Which statement by the client would support the nurses suspicions?
A) Ive been having bleeding off and on thats irregular and sometimes heavy.
B) I get sharp pain in my lower abdomen usually starting soon after my period comes.
C) I get really irritable and moody about a week before my period.
D) My periods have been unusually long and heavy lately.

20. After teaching a group of students about premenstrual syndrome, the instructor determines that additional teaching is needed when the students identify which of the following as a prominent assessment finding?
A) Bloating
B) Tension
C) Dysphoria
D) Weight loss

21. A nurse is describing the criteria needed for the diagnosis of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Which of the following would the nurse include as a mandatory requirement for the diagnosis?
A) Appetite changes
B) Sleep difficulties
C) Persistent anger
D) Chronic fatigue

22. When reviewing the medical record of a client diagnosed with endometriosis, which of the following would the nurse identify as a risk factor for this woman?
A) Low fat in the diet
B) Age of 14 years for menarche
C) Menstrual cycles of 24 days
D) Short menstrual flow

23. A client who has come to the clinic is diagnosed with endometriosis. Which of the following would the nurse expect the physician to prescribe as a first-line treatment?
A) Progestins
B) Antiestrogens
C) Gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogues

24. A woman comes to the clinic because she has been unable to conceive. When reviewing the womans history, which of the following would the nurse least likely identify as a possible risk factor?
A) Age of 25 years
B) History of smoking
C) Diabetes since age 15 years
D) Weight below standard for height and age

25. A couple comes to the clinic for a fertility evaluation. The male partner is to undergo a semen analysis. After teaching the partner about this test, which client statement indicates that the client has understood the instructions?
A) I need to bring the specimen to the lab the day after collecting it.
B) I will place the specimen in a special plastic bag to transport it.
C) I have to abstain from sexual activity for about 12 days before the sample.
D) I will withdraw before I ejaculate during sex to collect the specimen.

26. A nurse is preparing a class for a group of young adult women about emergency contraceptives (ECs). Which of the following would the nurse need to stress to the group. Select all that apply.
A) ECs induce an abortion like reaction.
B) ECs provide some protection against STIs
C) ECs are birth control pills in higher, more frequent doses
D) ECs are not to be used in place of regular birth control
E) ECs provide little protection for future pregnancies.

Answer Key

1. C
2. D
3. C
4. A
5. C
6. D
7. D
8. B
9. A
10. C
11. D
12. B
13. A
14. B
15. A
16. B
17. A, B, E
18. A, B, C, D
19. A
20. D
21. C
22. C
23. A
24. A
25. C
26. C, D, E

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