Rang & Dale Pharmacology by Humphrey P. Rang Maureen M. Dale James M. Ritter Rod J Test bank

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Rang & Dale Pharmacology by Humphrey P. Rang Maureen M. Dale James M. Ritter Rod J Test bank


Rang: Rang & Dales Pharmacology, 7th Edition

Test Bank

Chapter 12: Chemical mediators and the autonomic nervous system


1. The release of acetylcholine from cholinergic nerve terminals is stimulated by

a. nitric oxide
b. norepinephrine
c. acetylcholine
d. prostaglandins
e. endothelin

Answer a: nitric oxide

2. Co-transmitters released from postganglionic sympathetic neurons include

a. acetylcholine
b. vasoactive intestinal peptide
c. nitric oxide
d. adenosine triphosphate
e. gamma-aminobutyric acid

Answer d: adenosine triphosphate

3. Constriction of bronchi is typically produced by activation of

a. adrenergic beta-1 receptors
b. adrenergic beta-2 receptors
c. muscarinic M1 receptors
d. muscarinic M2 receptors
e. muscarinic M3 receptors

Answer e: muscarinic M3 receptors

4. Activation of adrenergic beta-2 receptors produces

a. contraction of the iris sphincter muscle
b. relaxation of the iris sphincter muscle
c. relaxation of the ciliary muscle
d. contraction of the ciliary muscle
e. lacrimal gland secretion

Answer c: relaxation of the ciliary muscle

5. The enteric nervous system is primarily concerned with the regulation of

a. the urinary tract
b. gastrointestinal motility
c. male sex organs
d. respiration
e. vascular smooth muscle

Answer b: gastrointestinal motility

6. The co-transmitter known as neuropeptide Y enhances the

a. vasodilative effect of acetylcholine
b. vasodilative effect of nitric oxide
c. vasodilative effect of dopamine
d. vasoconstrictive effect of norepinephrine
e. vasoconstrictive effect of endothelin

Answer d: vasoconstrictive effect of norepinephrine

7. The final step in the release of norepinephrine from sympathetic neurons is

a. docking
b. loading
c. diffusion
d. synthesis
e. exocytosis

Answer e: exocytosis

8. In the parasympathetic nervous system, neurotransmitter action is terminated by

a. diffusion from the synapse
b. active reuptake into presynaptic nerves
c. inactivation by inhibitors
d. enzymatic degradation
e. endocytosis

Answer d: enzymatic degradation

9. The enteric nervous system

a. receives input only from the sympathetic nervous system
b. receives input only from the parasympathetic nervous system
c. releases several peptide neurotransmitters and nitric oxide
d. cannot function without the central nervous system
e. has cell bodies lying in plexuses outside the intestinal wall

Answer c: releases several peptide neurotransmitters and nitric oxide

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