Test Bank For Gender, Race, and Class in Media- A Critical Reader 4th Edition by Gail Dines, Jean M. Humez

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Test Bank For Gender, Race, and Class in Media- A Critical Reader 4th Edition by Gail Dines, Jean M. Humez





Gender, Race, and Class in Media- A Critical Reader 4th Edition by Gail Dines, Jean M. Humez  
Test Bank


Part II Test Bank


  1. According to Hall, ideological statements are made by individuals, but ideologies are not the product of individual consciousness.

*a. True

  1. False


  1. Inferential racism draws on unquestioned assumptions.

*a. True

  1. False


  1. Race is a political construct.

*a. True

  1. False


  1. Hall proposed what three possible audience responses to the dominant ideology contained in the media texts codes?
  2. negotiated, mainstream, emotional reading
  3. oppositional , psychological, economic reading
  4. emotional, gendered, dominant reading

*d. dominant, negotiated, and oppositional reading


  1. In a Pottery Barn Kids catalogue there are pictures of white boys and boys of color, however when comparing the images, the white boys are shown engaging in a variety of activities such as academics and astronomy and the boys of color are associated with athletics only. According to Hall, this is
  2. not a problem.
  3. an example of overt racism.

*c. an example of inferential racism.

  1. none of the above.


  1. Which is NOT part of Halls description of ideology?
  2. they are a chain of meanings.
  3. they are not the product of individual consciousness.

*c. they are created through an individualized process that works by conscious intention.

  1. they allow people to make ideological statements as if they were authentic.


  1. The Barbie Liberation Organization is an example of
  2. a new direction in Mattels marketing strategy.

*b. a counterhegemonic strategy.

  1. dominant ideology.
  2. high culture.


  1. A queer theory perspective is only relevant when studying gay or lesbian characters in media texts.
  2. True

*b. False




  1. Drag performance and gender bending suggest the usefulness of categorizing gender into binary categories.
  2. True

*b. False


  1. An attempt to weaken the naturalized and normalized binaries of sexuality refers to which term?
  2. gender roles
  3. heterosexism
  4. culture Jamming

*d. queering


  1. In a post-racial society, one of the primary determinants of a persons privilege is their race.
  2. True

*b. False


  1. An example of a straight-gay alliance can be seen in which of the following?
  2. straight male avoidance of LGBT issues
  3. lesbian couple advocating for their right to legal marriage

*c. straight woman marching at a LGBT rights march

  1. a and b


  1. The fact that Barbie demonstrates that femininity is a manufactured reality exemplifies that

*a. gender is performative.

  1. gender is biological.
  2. gender is fixed by age 6.
  3. gender is static.


  1. Images of global motherhood often draw on the __________ trope.

*a. Madonna/ child

  1. Madonna/ whore
  2. good/bad
  3. rich/poor


  1. An ideology of imperialism infuses the representations of the global family.

*a. True

  1. False


  1. According to McKay and Johnsons analysis, bodybuilding is an example of
  2. athletic eroticism.
  3. an ideal fitness routine.
  4. a good way to combat gender stereotypes.

*d. pornographic eroticism.


  1. The terms hir and zhe are
  2. misspellings.
  3. Greek words.

*c. gender-neutral terms used by activists in the trans community.

  1. none of the above.



  1. A transsexual may or may not be
  2. intersex.
  3. transitioning from one gender to another.
  4. resisting gender binaries.

*d. all of the above.


  1. The term hermaphrodite was replaced with intersex as a rejection of being named by the medical profession.

*a. True

  1. False


  1. Trans people often ___________ the gender binary as they attempt to pass in a heteronormative world.
  2. reject

*b. reinforce

  1. dont understand
  2. profit from


  1. The Bravo wink is
  2. an underground dance move.
  3. an unintentional nonverbal response.

*c. the networks inside nod to its hip audience.

  1. all of the above.


  1. The Real Housewives of New York City can be understood through the use of
  2. humor.

*b. irony.

  1. religion.
  2. politics.


  1. One of the most popular rhetorical techniques of conservative talk show hosts is a variation of the
  2. class divide.

*b. rational-public sphere/emotional-public sphere binary.

  1. hegemonic frame.
  2. counterhegemonic frame.


  1. The term chickification refers to
  2. the rise of chicken at fast food restaurants.
  3. the popularity of having chickens as pets.
  4. the political economy of the poultry industry.

*d. the notion that qualities such as empathy and compassion, that are linked with femininity, are the source of cultural decline.


  1. Katz argues that conservative talk radio is not just entertainment, but also works as a form of
  2. cultural pedagogy.
  3. hegemony.
  4. representation of White masculinity.

*d. all of the above.

  1. Some people see Barbie as the ideal woman, and some see her as a man in drag. This is an example of
  2. horizontal media integration.

*b. multiple readings.

  1. high vs. low culture.
  2. homophobia.


  1. _____and _____ are both distinctions in types of media racism.

*a. Overt, inferential

  1. Ubiquitous, blatant
  2. Inferential, blatant
  3. Moral, covert


  1. Women whose bodies are _______ are not likely to be celebrated as global mothers in popular culture.
  2. hegemonic

*b. out-of-place

  1. fitting the beauty ideal
  2. mainstream


Type E:

  1. Describe how a transgender person occupies the borderlands between communities and identities.

*a. Living on the border means living in two places simultaneously while feeling that one never is at home in either place. Trans people live on the gender border in that they dont feel at home in their body and gender and while they may be transitioning, they are in process. Feelings of having to pass, versus just being, can add to the borderland effect. For more detail, see pages 133- 134.


Type E:

  1. How is gender performative?

*a. Rogers, for example, describes how Barbie is a manufactured reality in that she performs via her propsshopping bags, clothes and shoes. This is true for people as well in that we preform our gendered selves. We reflect or reject the gendered expectations of us through our hair styles, dress or the decision to wear make-up. As discussed by Sieber, trans people are often concerned with passing which at the heart is about performing the correct gender.


Type E:

  1. According to Katz, why does Rush Limbaugh appeal so strongly to White males over 50 years of age?

*a. Limbaughs appeal is rooted in the fact that he reinforces values and notions of traditional masculinity that would have been popular when his, now older, audience was coming of age. His appeal to old fashioned values may have a nostalgic appeal for his audience. Furthermore, he offers an uncomplicated view of masculinityone where he can model being a mans man. He also offers the audience an escape or possible justification for their problems (if any): women. According to Limbaugh, women and the womens movement have chickified and ruined the culture.


Part VI Test Bank



  1. Which is NOT part of the Western beauty myth according to Lemish?
  2. It perpetuates an unattainable beauty model that is predominantly young, thin, attractive, wealthy, and white.
  3. It is perceived to be a racial form of inequity and discrimination.
  4. It can impose an economic strain on children and families as it encourages the culture of consumption.

*d. It promotes a worldview through which boys and girls are encouraged to inhabit different electronic and cultural spaces.


  1. Because there have been so many improvements in the lives of women, popular culture offers a broad and diverse few of femininity for adolescent girls.
  2. True

*b. False


  1. The prevalence of hypersexualized images is a result of the mainstreaming of ___________.
  2. masculinity
  3. postfeminism

*c. pornography

  1. violence


  1. Artzs article on Disney uses what method(s)?
  2. content analysis
  3. political economy and audience reception

*c. political economy and textual analysis

  1. audience reception


  1. Durhams article on South Asian American girls uses what method(s)?
  2. content analysis
  3. political economy and audience reception
  4. political economy and textual analysis

*d. audience reception


  1. Media activists may
  2. organize, educate and lobby to challenge media representations.
  3. produce counterhegemonic texts.
  4. act as public interest advocates.

*d. all of the above


  1. ______________ are illusions.
  2. Representations
  3. Reality shows
  4. Media images

*d. all of the above


  1. Representations usually mirror real life.
  2. True

*b. False


  1. Cultural studies scholars agree that hypersexualized images in popular culture are problematic.
  2. True

*b. False


  1. Hypersexuality may be read as empowerment in some media texts.

*a. True

  1. False


11.Trans people can be seen as an example that gender is ___________.

  1. static

*b. fluid

  1. best conceptualized as a binary
  2. fixed


  1. The impact of television on children has been predominantly studied by what discipline?
  2. Cultural Studies
  3. Communication
  4. Child Development

*d. Psychology


  1. Late-modernity values are characterized by _________________.

*a. commercialism, globalization, privatization, and individualism

  1. commercialism, globalization, privatization, and community
  2. commercialism, localization, privatization, and individualism
  3. democracy, globalization, privatization, and community


  1. __________ produces the most childrens programming.
  2. Canada
  3. The United Kingdom

*c. The United States

  1. China


  1. There equal numbers of male and female characters in childrens shows.
  2. True

*b. False


  1. Childrens television on a global scale can be categorized as ______________.
  2. reflecting the value of the particular culture in which is produced
  3. offering a diversity of values.
  4. modeling diverse relationships.

*d. White male hegemony


  1. Hook-up sex has roots in ____________.
  2. feminism
  3. racism

*c. pornography

  1. the counter culture


  1. Goldmans article on Hispanic Barbie uses what method(s)?
  2. content analysis and audience reception
  3. political economy and audience reception

*c textual analysis

  1. audience reception


  1. Disney models an elite quest for self-gratification and adventure.

*a. True

  1. False


  1. Durhams article on South Asian American girls reminds us that race is
  2. static

*b. fluid

  1. best conceptualized as a binary
  2. fixed


  1. Farells article on Queer as Folk uses what method(s)?
  2. content analysis
  3. political economy and audience reception
  4. political economy and textual analysis

*d. audience reception


  1. Farrells study of Queer as Folk audiences suggests that TV can be educational.

*a. True

  1. False


  1. Sanbonmatsu argues that ______________ condition(s) us into an aggressive, socially destructive form of consciousness.
  2. pornography
  3. Barbie

*c. video games

  1. childrens television


  1. The video game The Sims draws upon ____________ conception of the world.

*a. an instrumentalist

  1. a collective
  2. a gendered
  3. a diverse


  1. Ada Lovelace is believed to be _____________.
  2. the richest porn star

*b. the first computer programmer

  1. the next Disney princess
  2. the character in a new video game marketed to teen girls.


  1. Schut believes that the masculine bias in video games may change.

*a. True

  1. False


  1. Outcomes of cross-gender play for women can include ____________.
  2. instant equality

*b. being charged with emasculation

  1. ease of finding a date
  2. none of the above


  1. What is NOT one of the suggestions for attracting women to technology?

*a. Make games more affordable

  1. Normalize cross-gender play by making it routine and pleasurable
  2. Increase the number of female avatars in games
  3. Portray strong females as sexually desirable


Type E:

  1. Explain one of the ways in which media impacted you as a child.

*a. Answers will vary as this draws on personal experience.


Type E:

  1. Is resistance always positive?

*a. Cultural studies scholars disagree about the nature of resistance. Some do find it positive in that the consumer is displaying agency versus having a passive encounter with a text. Others suggest that when a person with conservative beliefs and values resists a progressive or liberatory text, for example, then this resistance is negative. See Resistance on pages 711-12.


Type E:

  1. How can hypersexualization be seen as both positive and negative?

*a. Some see it as empowering for women in that they are not confined to traditional roles and conservative sexuality. Others argue that it simply reifies traditional codes for women and makes them even more unattainable. Further, some women, such as those who have a disability or are older may not be able to achieve such a look.








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