The Engaged Sociologist 5th Edition by Kathleen Odell Korgen and Jonathan M. White Test bank

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The Engaged Sociologist 5th Edition by Kathleen Odell Korgen and Jonathan M. White Test bank


The Engaged Sociologist, Fifth Edition
Kathleen Odell Korgen and Jonathan M. White

Test Bank Chapter 3

1. Good social science research
a. must contribute to grand theory
b. must be definitive
*c. detects patterns
d. does not make generalizations

2. Fieldwork requires the researcher
a. to create an artificial setting
b. to maintain a controlled environment
*c. to go out into the real world
d. to create the stimulus for the experiment

3. If you wanted to generalize responses from a large number of subjects, which of the following methods would you use?
a. interviews
*b. surveys
c. experiments
d. fieldwork

4. When social scientists say that their data accurately represents the population studied, they say that it is high in
A. reliability
*b. validity
c. correlationality
d. abstractability

5. Interviews provide data that are
*A. in the respondents own words
b. predominantly quantitative
c. high in reliability
d. easily generalizable

6. Social scientists study things that
A. are inert
b. are impossible for others to see
*c. are always changing
d. provide final answers

7. To explain the case of Agnes, Harold Garfinkel addressed all of the following except
*A. ageism
b. sexual norms
c. sanctions against deviance
d. the power of belonging

8. Social scientists guard against data abuse by
*A. being open about our methods
b. carefully concealing our method of data collection
c. protecting our sources
d. refusing to publish our findings

9. Focus groups are
a. surveys that focus on a particular group of people
b. groups of people who use the sociological eye
*c. interviews conducted with a group of people
d. a method to gather quantitative data

10. Ethnography refers to
a. trends seen in large bodies of data
*b. the study of cultural information
c. the study of political and economic structures
d. embracing different cultural points of view

11. Social scientific research is carried out exactly like studies conducted in the natural or physical sciences.
A. True
*B. False

12. For sociologists, the answers given by an individual respondent is of the utmost importance.
A. True
*B. False

13. Data from interviews tend to be higher in validity than reliability.
*A. True
B. False

14. In experimental research, the researcher measures the relationship between two variables by manipulating one of them and observing the other.
*A. True
B. False

15. Kevin Bales has used his sociological eye to draw attention to global climate change
A. True
*B. False

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