The Kaleidoscope of Gender Prisms Patterns and Possibilities 5th Edition by Joan Z. Spade Catherine G. Valentine Test Bank

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The Kaleidoscope of Gender Prisms Patterns and Possibilities 5th Edition by Joan Z. Spade Catherine G. Valentine Test Bank


Chapter 3, Reading 11 Test Questions


1. While rape occurs widely throughout the world, it is not a human universal.
*a. True
b. False
Page Number: 127

2. The explanation of rape as stemming from differences between women and men in social status and power is what distinguishes feminist from other kinds of accounts of rape.
*a. True
b. False
Page Number: 128

3. Anthropologists have argued that since men and women perform different roles and occupy different spaces in all societies, gender inequality is universal.
a. True
*b. False
Page Number: 128

4. Helliwell argues that the act of rape marks men who rape as real men and their victims as vulnerable and feminine.
*a. True
b. False
Page Number: 129

5. Fighting skills and physical strength are valued in Gerai men who are seen as naturally aggressive.
a. True
*b. False
Page Number: 130

6. In Gerai culture, men and women are seen as completely separate and different, and there is a very clear sense of a dichotomous masculinity and femininity.
a. True
*b. False
Page Number: 130

7. Helliwell demonstrates that Western beliefs in the sexed character of male and female bodies are natural since the differences are biologically based.
a. True
*b. False
Page Number: 129

8. The most valued human quality in Gerai is nurturance, which is seen as inherent to women.
a. True
*b. False
Page Number: 130

Multiple Choice

9. Women and men in Gerai have identical claims to personhood based on their equal contributions to:
*a. rice production.
b. child care.
c. political decision making.
d. subsistence farming.
Page Number: 130

10. Under Gerai law all of the following are named as an offense and accorded a set punishment except:
a. slapping.
b. beating with a fist.
c. knifing.
*d. rape.
Page Number: 130

11. A comfortable life in Gerai is predicated on the notion of:
a. accumulation of property.
*b. a conjugal relationship between a man and a woman.
c. political power.
d. significant differences between men and women.
Page Number: 131

12. ____________ constitutes the normative sexual activity in the Gerai community.
a. Pansexuality
b. Bisexuality
*c. Heterosexuality
d. Homosexuality
Page Number: 131

13. According to Gerai people, which of the following is true about the bodies of men and women?
*a. Their genitalia are the same but mens are external and womens are internal.
b. Women are physically stronger than men.
c. Men are more graceful than women.
d. Their genitalia are significantly different physically and symbolically.
Page Number: 132

14. The Gerai society studied by Christine Helliwell can be classified as:
a. male-dominated.
b. female-dominated.
*c. rape-free.
d. a typical example of a Western culture.
Page Number: 129130

15. Among the Gerai, which of the following two types of work define a woman?
a. Selecting and storing rice seed; preparing food for the family
b. Bearing children; tending a garden to feed the family
c. Taking care of the home; bearing children
*d. Selecting and storing rice seed; bearing children
Page Number: 133

16. Sexual intercourse in Gerai is understood by both men and women to stem from:
*a. mutual need on the part of two partners.
b. the need to reproduce.
c. mens higher sex drive.
d. womens desire to bear children.
Page Number: 133

17. Heliwell interpreted the attempt of a manto climb into a womans bed in the night without her explicit consent as necessarily carrying the threat of sexual coercion. Her interpretation revealed the influence of ____________ on her view.
a. relativism
b. feminism
c. constructionism
*d. ethnocentrism
Page Number: 134

18. To work for _________, feminists must begin to give up presumptions about mens genitalia and sexuality as inherently brutalizing and penetrative and womens genitalia and sexuality as inherently vulnerable and subject to brutalization.
a. gender equality
*b. the eradication of rape
c. safe sex practices
d. the eradication of heteronormativity
Page Number: 134


19. According to Christine Helliwell, the Gerai people do not determine personal identity based on ones genitalia. What do they base it on instead, and how does this affect their view of gender and sexual relations?
*a. Varies
Students can contrast Western society to Gerai in the role genitalia plays in determining identity. In Gerai the work that one performs is seen as fundamental, and genitalia, along with other bodily characteristics, is secondary.
Page Number: 132133

20. Why do Western feminists universalize rape and the threat of sexual violence against women, according to Helliwell? How does the case of the Gerai call the assumptions of Western feminists into question?
*a. Varies
Students can discuss the widespread understanding of the practice as horrific by most women in Western societies, as well as feminisms emphasis on difference between men and women.
Page Number: 128

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